Finger Food Menus

Ready for Delicious Finger Food?

Prepare for tasty and fulfilling treats!

Our Finger Food Menu includes setup, and a server to keep things in order throughout your trip


We also include fruit skewers and welcome drinks for your guests upon arrival

Throughout the trip, we’ll bring around a few canapés to ensure a tasty treat is always within reach

If you would like to order, please feel free to call or message us +971 58 573 9041



If your curious, have a look at a few of our recent trips below

Our finger food menu has become quite popular since it’s introduction. Finger food and yacht parties are often a perfect match. If you’re renting a yacht in Dubai and need snacks and finger food onboard your
yacht, please have a look at this option.
We have plenty of menu options to choose from. Feel free to have a look at our BBQ, Seafood, Tour of Asia, Vegan and Indian Menus.  There is something for everyone!
If you’d like to mix and match the menus, that’s fine as well. Just select your menu and the number of guests, then you can select another menu and the number of guests for the last menu as well. We’ll combine and bring everything to the yacht, setup and ready to go!
It’s that easy!
If you would like to add additional servers or hostesses, you can choose to do so when you order. You can select the option you would like to have in the options section.
You can also select a live chef to prepare your food on the yacht. This option is best suited for the BBQ, Seafood and Surf & Turf Menus.
We’ll setup a grill onboard to cook the meat selections as we sail. The salad and appetizers will be placed inside the cabin and setup accordingly.