Vegan Catering Menu

Our Newest Menu!

From Our Dedicated Vegan Restaurant in Dubai
Amazing new concept of Vegan cuisine so tasty, you don't have to be Vegan to enjoy!

You'll become, like us, an accidental Vegan 🙂

Expertly seasoned and cooked by our expert team, lead by our amazing head chef. Everything on your plate will be absolutely delicious!

Let's clear a few things up first. Everything on our Vegan Menu comes from our own dedicated Vegan Restaurant! It's not a mixed use kitchen or establishment.

Also, you may see some items referred to as "meat" or something similar. Rest assured we our referring to our plant based alternatives. Nothing on our menu contains any actual meat. Everything is 100% Vegan!


You'll get having listed here, piping hot from our restaurant in the Dubai Marina.

How will it arrive?

Our Vegan Catering Menu is available for our Express Service.

This means are primary focus is getting your delicious food to your yacht and ready for your enjoyment with minimal fuss.

It also allows for you to enjoy top quality Vegan Catering at an extremely affordable price!

No fuss, simple to order and zero headache.

Your order will arrive sealed and placed on your yacht. The main courses will stay delivered fresh and ready to eat.

Please see our menu below.



Of course if you want to fancy it up a bit, and add full service, we can also accommodate.



Available options include;

  • Live Chef - Your Chef will expertly cook your food on the grill on the yacht! He'll keep the food coming, round after round.
  • Hostess & Servers - Add a bit of class to your yacht cruise and not lift a finger onboard. We'll make sure everything is brought to you professionally with a smile.
  • Full Service - The whole package including your live Chef, Hostess and Server. Choose this option and... done!

Choose any of our service options and receive upgraded cutlery with your catering