Seafood Catering Menu

This is one of our newest menu additions, and has been trending the highest, right behind our BBQ Menu!

By far our most requested menu!

Calling all seafood lovers! 🙂

Our Seafood Catering Menu comes overflowing with food. You’ll have an amazing selection of fresh fish, appetizers, salad, bread selections and more!

But let’s talk about the star of the show for a minute; the Seafood!




Expertly seasoned and lightly fried, or grilled on an open flame. Everything on your plate will be absolutely delicious!

Before we go any further, let’s have a look at the actual menu.


You’ll get everything listed above, piping hot from our restaurant in the Dubai Marina.

How will it arrive?

Our Seafood Catering Menu is served best, hot off the grill from our Live Chef (available Option).

The fish and shellfish can be cooked live on the yacht grill and served piping hot, direct to your plate!

Another alternative is to select our server option.

The food will be expertly cooked in our restaurant, placed in food trays, and ready to be served.

No fuss, simple to order and zero headache.



Of course if you want to fancy it up a bit, and add full service, we can also accommodate.

Yacht Catering in Dubai

Available options include;

  • Live Chef – Your Chef will expertly cook your food on the grill on the yacht! He’ll keep the food coming, round after round.
  • Hostess & Servers – Add a bit of class to your yacht cruise and not lift a finger onboard. We’ll make sure everything is brought to you professionally with a smile.
  • Full Service – The whole package including your live Chef, Hostess and Server. Choose this option and… done!

Choose any of our service options and receive upgraded cutlery with your catering